Towards Recovery

We offer an open safe space for people in recovery from addiction. We help them find the right path for themselves.

In recovery we believe there is still more right in each of us, than wrong. You’re not someone to be fixed, but listened to. And when things may not be going as we hoped, we say “You’re OK” let’s have a chat.

We approach recovery differently, because we’re all different. We don’t judge. Because we’ve been judged. We don’t follow a fixed path. Because that never worked for us.

Our service is flexible and individualised, because everyone in our community is completely individual.

We will help people connect with others, re-connect with themselves and the world around them. With support, and over time, our aim is to help people make sustainable changes and to create a life of their own choosing.

And it all starts at our recovery cafe. Online or offline. Join us in a safe, proven space.

How can we help you?

Recovery Cafe Our fortnightly virtual recovery cafe is a safe space for people in recovery from addiction or supporting others.
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Support groups There are many ways to stay connected, we have groups to suit different needs. Get in touch
Programmes and Courses We offer a variety of in-person and virtual programmes designed to support people at their own pace. Find out more
Resources Our library includes our blog posts and videos alongside our books, films and online talks by others. Access our library

Upcoming Events

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19 Jul
Virtual Recovery Cafe Friday 19 July • 7:30pm Virtual Find out more
20 Jul
Castle to Coast challenge Saturday 20 July • United Kingdom Find out more

Our community,
 our people.

Each of our journeys are different. But our constant is our support network and our people.

At Towards Recovery, we focus on human truths, with a smile and a reassuring wit to keep you going.

You’re doing OK. We’re all in this, together.

Join our fortnightly Virtual Recovery Cafe

Perfectly Imperfect: our cracks are what give us character

No one else knows what it’s like to be you.
You are unique, not broken.

Together, we help make the most of what already is, and celebrate the beauty of what we already have, flaws and all.

School of Unlearning (SOUL) Programme

Your Own Path: Bringing individual pathways to life.

Towards Recovery is about your journey, and our support. It doesn’t matter where we’ve been or how we got here. Towards Recovery is a journey.

Everyone in our community is unique and everyone has a different story. Our service is flexible enough to bend and mould to the individual.

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