Our approach

ABCD approach
(Asset Based Community Development)

  • Making recovery more visible

  • Showing that recovery from addiction is possible

  • Demonstrating that people in recovery are responsible citizens and community assets

  • Offering a growing, supportive and active ‘Recovery Community’

Initiate Recovery

  • Being around others in recovery, seeing that it’s possible, getting inspiration

  • Asset and skills mapping – identifying and engaging your skills, abilities, strengths & likes to strengthen your early steps in recovery (we walk with you at your invitation, we help you design your future and a life of your choosing)

  • Support and help for friends and family of those in recovery (explaining what’s happening and putting them in touch with specialist support where required)

  • Provide access to an in-house ‘recovery essentials’ course

Sustain Recovery

  • Volunteering opportunities (with us or with other recovery friendly options)

  • Support with getting or sustaining employment (including with us)

  • Help to build a positive social network, doing stuff with others in recovery

  • Giving something back to help others initiate / sustain recovery

  • Developing hobbies and interests

  • Providing access to an in-house ‘sustain recovery’ course

  • Support and help for friends and family of those in recovery

  • Support and help treatment services positively engage with those in recovery

Community Integration
(Re-connection and Discovery)

  • Help with intentionally widening your positive social network

  • Transitional support as you move from the ‘Recovery Community’ into the wider community

  • The “Re-connect” coaching and mentoring programme

  • Enterprise facilitation – help to start a business and create your own future!