Towards Recovery

People with a substance use issue are often isolated and try to manage on their own. The SOUL Project group will help people address their substance use, will empower them with information and bring understanding. All through our strengths-based approach.

Our members tell us, and our personal experience is, that engaging in drug & alcohol use, gambling etc. is often a coping mechanism for, or a reaction to, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), and/or other trauma experienced in adult life.  These experiences lead to a dislocation / disconnection from oneself, other people, society and the natural world.

The School of Un-Learning (SOUL) will create opportunities to help people re-connect with themselves, society and the natural world through organised creativity sessions including:

  • painting and drawing
  • music and songwriting
  • book club
  • film nights
  • health, nutrition and exercise sessions

The courses and events will engage a range of people who:

  • Would benefit from a change and feel stuck in their current drug and alcohol use patterns
  • Want to make a change and don’t know how to go about it
  • Are resistant to attending treatment services for a variety of reasons
  • Have attempted change and want to develop that further

These groups either find that they do not meet the severity threshold to access mainstream treatment services, or that treatment services that are currently scaled back and mainly providing medication assisted treatment which is not appropriate to this cohort of people.