We are always keen for people to find recovery in what ever way they can and people seem to initiate and sustain recovery in all sorts of circumstances.Our annual Towards Recovery Conference is an opportunity to engage across as broad a network as we can, and in doing so we believe the benefits are mutual.A Saturday conference may seem like a step to far but generally this is where recovery happens – in the margins, the evenings, the weekends, in church halls, in peoples homes, in the lobbies of buildings – when services are generally closed & inaccessible and yet where the need for help remains and needs to be filled by someone or something.This year our theme is Health & Wellbeing in Recovery focusing on:

  • The stories of people in Recovery, their simple, everyday, personal stories
  • The details of life after treatment
  • People that have integrated their past experiences into a much more positive future (for themselves & for those around them)

The conference is open to everyone but will be of particular interest to:

  • People in Recovery, family & friends (some concessions available)
  • Addiction Services
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy Makers
  • Commissioners – NHS, Public Health, Local Authority, Prisons, Central Govt. Depts
  • Allied Professionals engaging with drug and alcohol use e.g. Doctors & Nurses
  • Social Workers, criminal justice services including Prisons