Towards Recovery

A Book of Reflections and Invitations

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Moments of inspiration come at the most unexpected times, when we’re not thinking about anything particular and can take us on an unexpected journey if we say yes to doing something new.

Justin was running along a coastal path in Cornwall on holiday when a thought started to grow in his mind, actually it was a question about how visible he was or actually allowed himself to be. That thought ended in a decision to simply post what daily reflection he had on our Facebook page, no expectation or agenda other than to be seen.

After a chat with Huseyin, we realised that by chance Recovery Month was just about to start, so we decided to post a simple daily invitation on our Facebook page for each day as part of our contribution to Recovery Month and just see how it goes.

We didn’t appreciate at that moment what a rich, nourishing and collaborative experience it would be and something the whole Towards Recovery team would contribute to.

So, we’ve grabbed those moments and brought them together as a tool for gratitude, grounding and growth. We hope you enjoy spending time with them as much as we enjoyed the journey of sharing them.

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