Towards Recovery

We offer an open safe space for people in recovery from addiction and help them find the right path for themselves.

Treatment is very defined: You are in a difficult spot, you need help, you go to the professionals, they help you. It might mean going to rehab, leaving your current job for a while or even moving home.

Recovery is the rest of life, it’s the bit that happens after treatment. If recovery was a train journey, then treatment would be the taxi ride to the station, recovery is the rest of the journey.

Recovery is about ‘How do I live the rest of my life with this past experience or risk hanging over me?’*

We offer an open safe space for people in recovery from addiction and help them find the right path for themselves.

We help people to connect with others and re-connect with themselves and the world around them. With support, and over time, our aim is to help people make sustainable changes and to create a life of their own choosing.

*This anecdote is paraphrased after hearing from Mark Gilman.

Our aim is to benefit the community by:

  • Making recovery from addiction more visible and to reduce stigma and make recovery more socially acceptable
  • To show that addiction is a recoverable condition
  • To demonstrate that people in recovery are responsible citizens and community assets that can positively contribute to the wellbeing of those around them
  • To offer a growing, supportive and active recovery community expressed in real world and online interactions and relationships
  • To help and assist those that access our services / events to either get or maintain a job, a home, and a positive social network

We work with:

  • People in Recovery from addiction, who connect with us online and in person
  • People in active addiction or with a problem relationship with substances that may be seeking to initiate, and/or sustain recovery, and integrate into the community.
  • Family and friends who are supporting others in their recovery journey
  • Addiction professionals or other allied services

Our Team

Huseyin Djemil (Bubble) Ideas Man, Raconteur
 and Chief Innovator
Justin Whitlock Therapist, Logician and Chief Zen Master
Michelle Djemil (Shelley) Administrator, Number Cruncher and Chief Baker
Jasmine Plowright Marketer, Spreadsheet Enthusiast, Chief Organiser

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Our Approach

Towards Recovery is about your journey, and our support.
It doesn’t matter where we’ve been or how we got here.

Our approach

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Our timeline from 2012 to the present!

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