When you put a magnet next to a compass it has the effect of moving the compass needle a few degrees off course (from true north to magnetic north) and over time those few degrees take you further and further away from where ever you thought were heading.

Its this principle that we, (Towards Recovery CIC) are applying to the knotty issue of substance use (drugs and/or alcohol) in our upcoming “3 Degree’s of Change” course, which starts in Henley-on-Thames next month. We are offering course attendees the chance to look at themselves, their behaviour, attitudes and thinking, assess their direction of travel and decide if they want to make a small change (apply the magnet) resulting in a journey to a “new destination.

The course is free (we have been awarded funding via the lottery community fund), is limited to a maximum of 12 people. Each evening is made up of 3 distinct one hour sessions.

Session one looks at your relationship with substances: We’ll look at a series of ice-breakers to create a discussion on and explore our relationship with the substance(s). This might be a reality for those that are currently using something recreationally, occasionally or in a problematic way. We may still have an active relationship with a substance many years after we have stopped using it, thinking about it and fearing we may start using again

Session two looks at the effect of that relationship on your life: We’ll explore what that means for you, using your own words and experiences. Does it make us feel good, is it a way of dealing with the stuff that life throws at us. Are we really powerless to change?

Session three is a mindfulness session: We want you to leave calm and focused, considering the possibility of change and taking those thoughts with you into the weekend and the week ahead.

The language we use will be plain English (non-therapeutic) and each session will follow a simple format of ‘check in’, ‘take off’, and ‘landing’ so its more like a journey (like a flight) rather than ‘treatment’ for an ‘issue’.

We won’t be taking the stance of the ‘expert’ and this course will be strengths-based, meaning we are keen to uncover and utilise your own Assets, so that you can benefit from them and use them to improve your own situation and/or circumstances. Using an Asset Based Approach means that you don’t become dependant on a so called ‘expert’ but strengthens your hand as the master of your own choices and destiny