It’s striking looking back to the start of Towards Recovery 10 years on.

We never knew the end at the beginning and we have focused on relationships rather than growing an organisation. Our organisation remains small (we have no staff, other than the directors, and we have no buildings etc) but relationships have flourished. People have come into contact with us, received and given in terms of themselves, their story, listening to other people’s stories and making and maintaining connections. Out of those relationships some beautiful things have flourished, our website is a great resource, we’ve written a book and helped someone publish a book of their own. We’ve created an online and ‘real world’ community.

I like the concept we used in the speech (on our opening night) near the beginning of a ‘butterfly garden’. It’s a beautiful image that’s about creating the right conditions for butterflies (or people) to flourish.

We still don’t know the end from this vantage point but we look forward to whatever comes our way with gratitude.

And we’re celebrating this Friday with coffee and cake at the Henley Recovery Cafe 7pm – 9.30pm. Open invite.