We’ve been funded!

“People with substance use issues are often shamed, stigmatised, isolated and trapped in a cycle of self-destructive behaviour. The Towards Recovery Project helps people become less isolated, engage with others and build community connections. We use a strengths-based and person centered approach to connect to people and help them connect to others and to themselves.

We know that substance use issues cut across socio-economic groups and in Recovery we see a wide-range of people attending our events and connecting to others who might be outside their normal social and friendship groups. We use community venues for our in-person events which invest in those spaces and helps them to thrive.

Helping people change destructive habits by introducing them to people who already have is a proven way of inspiring others to try change. Providing people with flexible, judgement-free services empowers them and helps them make informed decisions to change.

We’re proud to be recognised by the The National Lottery Community Fund again this year and continue to work towards our vision of #MakingRecoveryVisible.