We had a sold out event, with a diverse range of delegates representing a variety of UK based and International recovery and addiction services. Many of our delegates are also in recovery and we were delighted that they chose to share their inspiring recovery stories throughout the programme.

We were delighted to be joined by our special guest Duran Durans John Taylor who delighted delegates by sharing his story of addiction, time in rehab and his life in recovery. Delegates were encouraged and inspired by his time with us and appreciated his support clear support and commitment to recovery initiatives like ours.

John Taylor from Duran Duran talks about his life in recovery from addiction

Pt1: Past Present & Future – Huseyin Introduces the Towards Recovery Conference 2014

Pt2: What is recovery? Huseyin talks about the conference theme.

Pt3: Legal Highs, Neil McKeganey, Centre for Drug Misuse Research

Pt4: Drugs & Hypercommunication, Huseyin Djemil

Pt5: Anne-Marie Cockburn, Author ‘5,742 Days, A Mothers Journey Through Loss’

Pt6: Henley Recovery Cafe open on Christmas Day, Huseyin Djemil

Pt7: Ann Jenson-East – A Mothers Story

Pt8: Elizabeth Burton-Phillips, DrugFam & Author ‘Mum can you lend me twenty quid’

Pt9: Steve Crawley & Virginia Naden, Smart Recovery UK

Pt10: Wendy Dawson, CEO, The Ley Community

Pt11: Simon Hockley & Andy Partington, Yeldall Manor

Pt13: John Taylor from Duran Duran talks about his life in recovery from addiction

Pt14: John Taylor surprises the audience with a book prize giving

Pt15: Ask the panel – questions from the floor to our speakers

Pt16: Our ambition to spread recovery stories, Huseyin Djemil

From the day

Brilliant speakers which I believe bought a varied approach to addiction and recovery. I’ve been to many paid conferences that were no way near as engaging and informative as I experienced on Saturday. Nice friendly atmosphere, pleasure to attend and ‘Beautiful Food!!!!’ thank for the invite!

“A big Thank You Towards Recovery for an amazing day.It has given me the kick I needed to start my recovery and  address my habits which have been limiting my life for too long”

“Thank you so much for today’s Conference.  I have been sober for 30 years and  retired from active service within the recovery field for a while now.  It was so good to be back in a recovery  atmosphere… Naturally, my belief is in abstinent recovery, using a 12 Step programme and it was interesting to gain an insight into some of the other abstinence programmes about which I had heard, but not had a chance to visit.”