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Our Virtual Recovery Cafe is a bi-weekly Friday night drop in session. We offer a safe space for people in recovery to meet others and have an informal chat and discussion. We are also open to anyone looking for help for friends or a family member.

Each session includes a short talk, Q&A, and time for reflection.

We keep it simple, friendly and open to anyone who fancies dropping in at any point in the evening.

You don’t have to sign up or commit in advance.

We run the sessions via Zoom and are happy for people to share this with others.

While the core Towards Recovery team are based in the South East, UK we are open to anyone seeking support and our regulars come from across the UK and we are starting to see more international guests join too.

To keep everyone safe, we use a waiting room, so please make sure your name is your username and if you are new, it would would help if you could drop us a note to say you might join so that we can get you through the waiting room quickly.